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Linux Dual Boot Fedora 18 & Ubuntu 13.04

April 18, 2013

I wanted to create a dual boot system with Fedora 18 and Ubuntu 13.04 for use as a development desktop (and ya’ know – just because you can).  So I took a Sun Ultra 20 M2 that was collecting dust and crammed it full of RAM and a 1.5TB HDD.  I started with Fedora – install went smoothly, partitioned about half the disk and left the other half for Ubuntu 13.04.

Then it was Ubuntu’s turn.  13.04 went with a snap, easy as pie, just like I expected.  The Ubuntu install was nice and polite – asking if I wanted to install Ubuntu alongside the Fedora 18 Spherical Cow install it found.  “You’ll be able to choose between the operating systems upon startup.”  Great! I thought.  One nice thing is being that these are both Linux systems I can mount the other’s partitions and have access to all my files, no matter what OS is currently running.

But then the issue – once rebooted GRUB 2.0 only presented me with Ubuntu.  Hmmmmmm  :-/  Was Fedora still there?  Dang it, I’m gong to have to go edit GRUB manually I thought.  So I booted into Ubuntu – saw that my Fedora partitions were all still in tact.   Went to refresh myself on editing GRUB and quickly found this command:

sudu update-grub

Really?  Is it that easy?  Last time I created a dual-boot Windows / Ubuntu laptop I had to edit GRUB myself (or so I thought at that time).  So time to give it a try:

update-grub dual boot fedora and ubuntu

update-grub command finding Ubuntu and Fedora!

And presto!  Just like “magic” GRUB was updated to include both Ubuntu and Fedora.  Yeah!

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