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Sun Ray Wed Administration CSS Issue

April 7, 2013

PROBLEM: You fire up Chrome or Firefox to go to the GUI Admin page on your Sun Ray Server but no servers are listed!  You can just about notice that they get listed really fast and then quickly disappear! Gak!  But if you use Internet Explorer it works just fine.

Sun Ray Servers Missing

Look Ma! No servers!

SOLUTION: A quick little script updates a CSS file and restarts the Sun Ray web admin.  This is for a typical Solaris install – if you are running RHEL, Linux, etc. you may have to update some of the paths:

cd /tmp
unzip /opt/SUNWut/webadmin/webapps/ut/WEB-INF/lib/suntheme.jar com/sun/web/ui/suntheme/css/css_master.css
echo "#f1\3Ap1\3At1 { display:block;}" >> com/sun/web/ui/suntheme/css/css_master.css
zip -r /opt/SUNWut/webadmin/webapps/ut/WEB-INF/lib/suntheme.jar com/sun/web/ui/suntheme/css/css_master.css
rm -rf com
/etc/init.d/utwadmin stop
/etc/init.d/utwadmin start
. . .   and we're back!

. . . and we’re back!

I can’t take credit for the solution – that goes to the Sun Ray User’s mail list.  But I wanted to post it on the web, really for my own reference and also in hopes that someone else finds it more easily.  Every time I need it I have to dig through the mail list archives until I find it again.



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