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And Then There Were Two

March 12, 2013

OS X and Chromium OS the only two left standing after the latest Zero Day Initiative competition

Chromium's new logo

Recently, HP’s Zero Day Initiative (ZDI) held the annual Pwn2Own competition as a part of  CanSecWest security conference (March 6-8) in Vancouver, BC.  In addition Google offered up its own prize money to the tune of $3+ million dollars being up for grabs.

In the end, every browser on the Windows platform was compromised, including IE10 on Windows 8, IE9 on Windows 7, along with exploits being found for Chrome on Windows as well as Firefox.  Meanwhile the Unix based OS X with Safari and the Linux-based Chromium OS held strong.  Firefox and Google quickly turned around security patches for their products in about 24 hours (amazingly fast).  Of course there was nothing exploited on the OS X or Chromium operating systems so no bug to patch there.  In the end VUPEN Security took home the largest payout of $250,000 for compromising IE10, Firefox, Adobe Flash, and Java:


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