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Automatically sync your Docs to Google Drive

March 4, 2013

driveDo you ever ask yourself “Why was I making this so difficult?

Well, I found myself asking that very question last week.  I had setup RSYNC on my Mac OS X desktop to sync items from my Documents folder over to my Google Drive at regular intervals.  Ummmmmm . . . symbolic link anyone?  (duh)  So here’s my quick solution for OS X users:

1) Open Terminal (search for it in Spotlight if needed)

2) Type (cut and paste if you like): cd ~/Google\ Drive

3) Next, type: ln -s ~/Documents Mac\ Documents

This will essentially link everything in your Mac’s Documents folder into the Google Drive folder and name it “Mac Documents”   . . .   and thus back them up to the cloud.  If you have more than one Mac then you could use MacBook\ Documents or some other label in order to keep the separated.

Of course this assumes Google Drive on OS X will follow symbolic links   . . .    I’ll let you know how it works!

Now for Windows Users:

1)  Right-click your My Documents folder and select properties.

2) Select “Include a folder…” and locate your Google Drive folder. Then highlight Google Drive in the list above, and select “Set save location.”

3) Click Apply and you should be good to go!

Now they just need a good Linux client (not a fan of insync due to their Privacy Policy – Google needs to create a native client).

UPDATE:  Well apparently Google Drive doesn’t follow sym(bolic) links when syncing.  Got a “plan B” to create the link the other direction   . . .   will update soon.

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