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Gmail goes Skype!

August 26, 2010

I’ve been using Google Voice for a few months now and have grown quickly to love it.  It’s got some really useful features – you can ring several phones at once (i.e. cell AND home at the same time), you can put your phone number on Do-Not-Disturb for a set amount of time, even have a different greeting for different incoming numbers or even groups of people.

But one of the things I like most is reading your voice-mail.  That’s right, reading it.  It comes to you as a transcribed e-mail or even a text message along with the audio file you can play too.  So if you’re in an important meeting (ummm . . . or movie theater) and don’t take the call, you can still glance down at your phone and read if the the message was important.  Then you can archive your voicemails for searching later on – or even forward them to someone’s e-mail.  This feature alone makes Google Voice worthy of a try.

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  1. A good explanation was also written up in the Technology section of USA Today:

    Telephone calling comes to Gmail

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