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VMware ~ A small business revolution

August 2, 2010

VMware ESX and ESXi for NSSEA, ASTRA and the Speciatly Toy Industry (Specialty Retailer)

Virtual Machines have been in the large datacenter for years now – just out of reach to the small, and even medium sized, business owner. Until now.

What is a Virtual Machine, or ‘VM’ ?

Basically, in layman’s terms, it means that one physical computer can run many operating systems all at once. So one server can run Linux, Windows XP, Solaris – all at once. Eash OS has it’s own IP address and acts like its own computer. Now make it really easy to backup and manage and you’re starting to get the idea.

So instead of having to buy one server to run your Sun Rays, one to run you SUM/IT application, and yet another Windows XP machine at your desktop, you can just buy one box to do it all. One piece of hardware to manage, one system to do it all.

The equipment to run VMware ESX and ESXi (the host software for your Virtual Machines) once only ran on expensive rackmount servers in the datacenter. But the cost of these servers is coming down drastically. Entry level servers for VMware are under $1,000 now; a nicely loaded one is right at two grand (including SAS drives and Lights Out Management).

Think about that for a second. One server in place of several. Saving you electricity, administration, money.

SUM/IT is putting these servers into prodution now. It’s exciting stuff. We place one server in your office to run Solaris and your Sun Rays, Windows desktops, the SUM/IT application, etc.

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