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Sun Ray Hotdesking Demonstration

September 6, 2007

hot·desk·ing (hŏt-desk-ing)
1. To burn your desk in effigy, thus loosing one’s job.
2. A fantastic creation of Sun Microsystems that allows you to move your desktop session on-the-fly from Sun Ray to Sun Ray.
3. A cool, sexy, seductive way to manage your desktop using SmartCards.

Hotdesking is simply fantastic. I find more and more uses for it daily. It provides convenience, security, mobility and easy access to all your data from any Sun Ray on the network or even over the internet.

I thought a video demonstration was the way to go – so much easier to show than to tell.

And it is pretty stinkin’ cool to walk into a colleague’s office and slip in my smart card to show them something on my screen. Move from office to conference room to retail floor and then finally home and keep my same desktop session the entire time – and have access to all my data, all the time.

Call me a computer geek – but Hotdesking via SmartCard is just plain sexy.

PS – sorry for the poor lighting at the home office – not quite bright enough for the video.

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