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Way too long . . . . . .

September 2, 2007

Has it really been this many months since a blog post?!?! It has been a tremendously busy few months to say the least – working 70 to 80 hours many of those weeks (and one too many of them in a row). I have so much to tell everyone about I don’t know where to begin . . . . . . . and I don’t really have enough time this holiday weekend to get into a lot of detail, so let me just “tease” you with some of the recent happenings . . . . .

  • To help ease some of our “growing pains” here at SUM/IT we are working on a partnership with another computer company for them to provide project management, hardware installation and extended support capability for us.
  • A tremendous amount of research and development has gone into the Sun Ray thin clients we use for POS & desktop workstations. We have amazing new features to show you including using them to connect to remote Windows computers and using them as kiosks in your store.
  • The Solaris 10 Operating System continues to impress me as I delve even deeper into it. It’s stability, security, performance and flexibility are unsurpassed – now I know why Sun Microsystems calls it The Most Advanced Operating System in the world. Just to give you an example: we now have Windows programs running directly on the Solaris server – no other machine needed!

Do I have your attention yet?

Stay tuned for more . . . . .


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