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Daylight Savings Time

March 10, 2007

Daylight Savings Time is finally upon us, although three weeks earlier this year (and likewise in the fall it will be one week later). This will pose a small problem for those of you on SCO servers and older machines. The biggest issue will be that if your clock is left unchanged your hourly sales reports, employee timeclock data, and transaction time stamps will all be behind by one hour.

The only way to fix an SCO machine is to upgrade it – at the cost of over a thousand dollars. The new Sun Solaris machines come patched and testing in our lab shows they handle the new time change appropriately; although we may have some older Sun machines that require a software patch. We will be keeping a close eye most everyone’s Sun servers tomorrow morning to see if any are affected. Sun offers a free patch to its effected servers; the only problem being that the patch has to be installed in “single user mode” meaning someone has to be on-site to install the patch. We need to do a little more testing in the lab to see if we can simply send you instructions on how to fix this yourself.

The current game plan is to manually set the time ahead an hour on affected machines, and then set it manually again in three weeks when the machine tries to adjust for the old Daylight Savings Time. If you come in to the store and find your server’s time is behind by an hour please call the Help Desk @ 888-786-4816 for assistance in manually setting your clock.

This brings me back to the fact that we need to get many of you to upgrade to our current hardware and/or software. Even if you are running the current version of our software, if you are running it on an older SCO server then we need to talk about hardware upgrades. It really needs to be in your budget to replace your server every five years. Running your business on anything older becomes unreliable (much easier and less expensive in the long-run to be pro-active rather than re-active). I know we talked to many of you about such upgrades at NSSEA last weekend and quite a few of you took quotes with you. I am spending this weekend finishing up a few more quotes that I need to get out and I’ll be following up with many of you this coming week.

As always, if you have any questions please drop me an e-mail or call the Help Desk.



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