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SUM/IT User's Group now on-line

February 9, 2007

Good news! In an effort to further communication with all of our customers, and to also encourage communication between customers, the new SUM/IT User’s Group is now on-line!

Last night through today I have been adding the finishing touches to the group. This is an on-line group where I hope our users will go to share productive ideas and discuss all things SUM/IT. We as a company will also be able to post quick, informal messages via the group.

The group will be limited to invitation only, and you will need to create an account in order to gain access. Once your account is created you can choose if you would like to only view messages on the group’s site, or you can receive them via e-mail. Of course we will not share any of your information with outside sources – we’re pretty fanatical about privacy around here.

I imagine most people will just choose to have e-mail’s sent – it seems too inconvenient to have to remember to visit a web page. One of the nice things about the e-mail is you can get one e-mail for each message posted, or you can get one e-mail per day with all the messages.

I’ll probably send the e-mail invitations out on Monday, but if you want to automatically request one before then, or if you’re reading this after the fact and didn’t get an invitation, you can use this form:

Subscribe: SUM/IT Systems User’s Group

Visit this group

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