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Point of Sale software for Mac OS-X ?!?!

December 1, 2006

I am very excited about this new little iBook laptop from Apple sitting here on my desk; it belongs to a customer in Nashville. I have been running the SUM/IT Software now for almost a month on my own personal iBook with OS-X (Tiger release) and it works great. And now I have this new iBook sitting right next to it that we will be running in Nashville later this month.

So what does all this mean? Well, in the past when a customer wanted a laptop version of SUM/IT we took a Dell laptop, removed Windows, and loaded the Solaris Operating System on it. This works pretty well, but not nearly as useful as an Apple computer. Once the Dell laptop was essentially a Solaris server it typically had less functionality for the user; but with the iBook (or any Mac for that reason) you can still run all the standard programs on it, along with SUM/IT. After all they make Quicken, QuickBooks, Microsoft Office, all sorts of software for the Mac. And now SUM/IT can run along side on the same machine! This means you can take SUM/IT with you wherever you go – trade shows, exhibits, off-site meetings with vendors, etc. You can have all your data with you – no need to talk back to a Unix / Solaris server because the Mac is the server. Want to plug a receipt printer and scanner into the USB ports? No problem! Report printer? Easy as pie!

Why does this work so well in Mac OS-X? Simple, it’s Unix too. OS-X is just another flavor of Unix.
So in the future keep an eye out for references to SUM/IT and OS-X. Solaris is still the OS of choice for servers, but for portability OS-X will be the platform of choice.

Point of Sale / Inventory Control software running natively on Mac OS-X? Someone please pass me the champagne.


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